Client Testimonials

Read what some Higher Ground Fitness clients have to say about their experience with Scott and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).

Robin says “I have a job where I have to sit a lot, and I get a lot of upper body pain and stiffness in my lower back and hips. I’ve had physiotherapy and massage therapy in the past, and they’ve helped, but Fascial Stretch Therapy with Scott is the only thing I’ve found that immediately reduces my pain and makes a real difference to how I feel. Not only do I feel much less pain, and am incredibly relaxed afterward, as we’ve worked together over time it’s really restored my range of motion. As a woman, I feel really comfortable with Scott, and he’s very professional and respectful. FST with Scott is my ‘go to’ treatment at this point, and I can't imagine a workweek without it.”

Logan says, “I’ve really enjoyed my FST sessions with Scott. He knows a lot about sport, training and running gait dysfunctions so he was able to choose the best FST patterns to relieve my muscle and fascial tension related to sports and fitness. Over the course of my sessions I noticed improvements in range of motion, flexibility and faster recovery. This allowed me to increase my training without excessive pain or injury! Scott was also very accommodating in terms of coming to my house for sessions, bringing his table and also offering flexibility with our scheduled sessions. He made sure that I was able to get the best results by keeping up with regular sessions. Scott has a lot of skill with the FST therapy - it’s subtle, gentle, even though the stretch can feel pretty intense at times. He was always able to ease up or modify to make sure I was comfortable. And he also encouraged focus on the breathing techniques which was a great way to practice stress-management! I highly recommend him for FST. Thanks Scott!”

Corrie says “Wanted to share how amazing Scott Holland is at this new treatment ‘Fascial Stretch Therapy’ !!! I’ve had a lot of treatments over the years, and here are the pieces of different treatment I felt: Yoga, Massage, Chiropractic, Osteopath, Active Release, Traction, Stretching. It’s amazing to have a treatment that gives you a bit of all these things. It really did help me and I didn’t feel sore after. Just light and pain free… AND he will come to you!! If you want to try something new, I totally recommend Scott at Higher Ground Fitness!”

Regarding her and her husband’s experiences, Dola says, “We thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott as a personal trainer and benefitted from his assessment skills and vast knowledge of body mechanics. Now, as seniors, with Scott’s FST expertise and assistance with mobility, we have added support to enhance our gym workouts. He listens carefully to any issues we may be having, educates us with suggestions for improving related movement and checks with us for post-treatment feedback. Scott is professional, conscientious, personable and we have fun!”

Recently we also received feedback from a number of runners who received Fascial Stretch Therapy after running at the MEC Race Five. They were delighted to have felt no soreness at all the next day, after the race (a new experience for them), some reporting that they felt so good that they were able to run up to 10 kms the next day. These are the kind of results you can experience with Fascial Stretch Therapy, so why not give it a try? You owe it to yourself to see what Fascial Stretch Therapy can do for you!